My anal skin tag was called a polyp which basically left excess skin after an old external hemoroid - the skin was stretched and like a flap - it was not connected by a stalk 

i am two weeks since having this removed in the Drs office ! I have been such bad pain ! Few days after the stitches removed without realising straining (thinking it was because my anus needed abit of a push to stretch because was sore) I had a prolapsed hemoroid and ended up in hospital 


this sucked back in a few hours later and I was discharged 


I still have pain and I'm confused 



my dr told me the wound is fine but yet I'm in pain !!! Every time I make a bowel movement feels like a sharp scratch and I have the intense pain for a few hours after and then once it settles I feel abit tender 


my dr says non of his patience had this issue and that it would've healed by now Which makes me panic when I'm still having pain! Please help is this normal to have pain still - he removes the skin tag by numbing injecting and a scalpel where he cut around it and sutures the wound to hold together