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Hello guys!

This is my first time posting and I am pretty desperate. I am 25 and this tag is consuming my life and killing my confidence. I know the anal fissure is the cause but just seeing the tag makes everything worse. I saw a colorectal surgeon, he is an older gentleman and didn't see the concern with the tag. I know it is not as big as other peoples but this really does bother me and now I am seeking other options. The other week I was actually so desperate to heal the fissure in hopes of healing the skin tag I applied silver nitrate to the tag and around it to try to get the fissure. it burned so bad and tuned the area grey, I think it helped a little bit but not enough. I need to seek medical care once again. I really do not want to go back and have him tell me it will go away and take sitz baths and use vasiline, that is what I have been doing for 2 months!!!! 


My question, has anyone gone through the same experience?

Can I dermatologist do the same procedure?

Can only a colorectal surgeon do the procedure?


Thank you!


Hi 25wsentinealtaghelp
A skin tag from an anal fissure can be removed by a general surgeon in a few seconds using local anesthetic using a tool similar to a hyfrecator that basically cuts it off and seals it at the same time with heat. Getting it removed is not painful however you better have good pain meds lined up for the next six weeks the pain is relentless. After the tag is removed you are then left with the issue of the fissure don't strain and your options are nitroglycerine ointment or diltiazem and vaseline both never worked in my case. Then you have botox injection, lis surgery and in some cases you can use silver nitrate to burn the fissure edges to try get it to heal and you also have lords procedure 4 fingers in your but stretching the muscle south and west to try loosen it up to improved the blood flow. Also in some countries they do anal dilution with a sigmoid balloon.


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Hi, I know this post is old but I'm really hoping you can offer some advice Kentsp?
My sentinel tag was removed 8 days ago by a cosmetic Dr. Nhs refused to refer me and the procedure cost £280. The surgeon done a good job at removing the tag but as he's not a CRS, he knew nothing about fissures or the hypertrophic papilae which has inflamed and grown along with the exposed fissure.
I'm taking GTN but I doubt it will work as the papilae appears to be preventing healing and is making it worse. I'm devastated and at a loss about what to do.
I'm making an urgent app on monday and will demand gp to refer me for an urgent evaluation by a CRS.
I'm scared about the possibility of a spincher op. Hoping that removal of papilae will help fissure to heal. I feel massively let down by the NHS for imposing the same policy of skin tags for sentinel tag/fissures. If I had been referred to CRS the tag removal would have been more complete.
I'm only 31, in otherwise great health and shape and this psychology and physically destroying me.