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My boyfriend is schizophrenic. In the past three months he has been in and out of the hospital three times and in and out of different programs. He hears the voice of his deceased mother protecting him from the devil who keeps telling him he is going to kill him and take his soul. He does not believe he is schizophrenic and that no one has ever experienced what he is going through.
This is where you can make a difference. I am looking for people who are willing to tell their story about their schizophrenia and the devil. I want to collect these stories and give them to him to show him that he is not alone.
This is what I am looking for and what I think would be most helpful for him:
Relate you story highlighting what the voices told you and how they made you feel. Next explain how you came to accept that it was schizophrenia. Then please tell me where you are now in life. Whether you are married with kids, going to college, anything.
Please pm me these stories.

I am home now over thanksgiving break but I hope by the time I get back to see him that I will have a nice little collection of stories to share with him. I feel that each of you can really make a difference for him.

~Loving girlfriend


hope this helps your boyfriend x i had mu first episode at 16, i am now 31. My first delusions were of the world exploding and how insignificant humans were. I also believed that the devil was inside me and was lookimg though my eyes all the time. i believed he wanted me to kill myself and was always trying to trick me and that the world was against me. I got diagnosed wif paranoid sczopherinia at 16 and got put on antidepressants and antipsychotics and i have been on them ever since. I have had 2 other major relapses due to changing meds or stopping my meds and was hospitalized. I am very lucky to have a good 6 years of being really well i got married and had my daughter who is 5 this week. i am so lucky i managed to have my daughter and stay well until recently. I had another relapse earlier this year but im on the mend now. beacause i have had this illness for 16 years i can now see the signs of when i am starting to get sick and my husband can also tell so we can usually address it before it gets to bad. i am very lucky to have such amazing family and friends who help me through my illness. i dont have a career but i do voluntary work through my church when i am well so i dont have the pressures that come with working. I generally dont deal well with stress and tiredness so avoid stressful situations and always make sure i have plenty of rest.