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I need a bit of advise, About 10 years ago I had abnormal cells in my cervix so I had a cone biopsy which was successful, but a couple of years passed and I found that my periods stopped and I was having agonising pain in my lower abdoman at that time of month, every month and I was taking really strong pain killers, as a result I had to have my have my cervix Dilated, this was also successful as it drained the blood inside me.
Over the last few years my periods have stopped again but I am in not as much pain, I have had myself checked out and there is not a build up of blood inside me which is a relief.
The last 3 months I have had a thick white discharge in my vigina and I do not know why, I hope it has nothing to do with my cervix or lack of periods that I have.

The Thick White Discharge that I have does not smell, I know it is not thrush, What else can it be?


When was the last time you had a gynecological examination to check upon your cervix?

I usually get excessive thick vaginal discharge when I have a lot of and frequent sex. Excessive vaginal discharge may be due too sex also, or too much estrogen in the body.

If it doesn’t smell and you don’t have any additional symptoms like burning, itching, spotting, pain in the lower abdomen, etc suppose you may rule out bacterial infection except for Chlamydia which is often asymptomatic or causes a lot of discharge (that may not smell like yeast does).

If you have hormonal problems and I suppose you do, since your periods are irregular, that may be a reason as well.