I am a 73 yr old female recently having dizzy spells. A neurologist sent me for an ENG test where I was told they couldn't complete the caloric part due to my eardrums "not moving". ENT physician I visited next indicated my eardrums were "thickened" due to many inner ear infections since early childhood and many needle perforations as well as pressure perforations and blood blisters. Should I go ahead with the caloric test now? A recent hearing test showed no decrease in hearing. I also had a CT scan and carotid artery sonogram. Do you think an MRI would be in order? My dizziness is not often, but especially bothersom when I reach up in a high cupboard at which time I drop a dish, etc. and my arms feel heavy and I almost fall to the floor before I get to a chair. My question is, would this problem relate to my ears?