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I am 21 years old, if it matters, but for a while over two weeks I have been waking up feeling so nauses, but I never actually throw up, and with a horrible headache. Some times my stomach growls for a while too and I am dying to sleep but I cant.  I don't eat late or too early, so I don't think its that I am waking up early. When I wake up I don't notice anything special that makes it go away, sometimes I just ignore it. 

Now I know that a number of you are going to suggest that its morning sickness, due to pregnancy, but I am hoping to rule out that option asap. I know that currently I have a UTI, and that is caused by the "not Coming and Going" rule. 

Lastly this past week, I have been drinking more then usual, with the holidays, and my recent marriage. Not too the point of being drunk, or even buzzed, just occasional drinks. To be honest, I am a horrible water drinker, and couldn't tell you when the last time I had a full cup of water.

So I hope with this information that someone can help me. I don't have the option to go to the doc. when I want to, the luxury of one car, so if someone  can give me tips I would be grateful! 

Thank you! 


First of all, if you can avoid drinking alcohol, this will be better for your UTI.  Also, if you can drink more cranberry juice, it has properties in it that can help with flushing out any bacteria, etc. that is in your bladder.  You are right about the drinking water, but if you can tolerate drinking the cranberry juice, that would be great.  There are some over the counter remedies that can help with bladder infections that you may want to try.  It would be best to go to your doctor to get the appropriate treatment. I hope you get better!