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When I cough to hard or anything like that I get this pain in my lower right belly. It feels like something is moving in there and grabbing something and twisting. It is very painful and only lasts a minute or two but the pain stays with me for about an hour.


I know that abdominal pain is something that most of us is ignoring very successfully. This pain could be the symptom of various conditions such as appendicitis, diverticulitis, colitis but it could also be just result of too much working out.

Do you go to the gym, and if you do how often you are working abdominal exercises? Sore abdominal muscles are reacting when you cough, laugh and even when you are crying and this pain can last for hours.


If you are not gym fan than I think it would be best to visit your doctor and do all the necessary tests so you he can determine what is in question. After right diagnosis treatment will follow. Keep us posted.