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I have sever abdominal cramps right before i go, then i just poop out watery bright read blood. Nothing else. I have been having cramps and pooping since 6am. It started with actual poop and then turned into diareha and now just straight blood. No pain in the anus, just the cramps and then the blood. I'm really nervous and can't go to the doctor until monday.


If you are experiencing blood in your stool and do not believe it could be hemmorhoids, you should see your doctor right away.  Your doctor will want to do a colonoscopy and take a biopsy of your intestinal tissue to check it for disease.  The colonoscopy will reveal tumor or diverticulitis, if you have it.  Hopefully you have something that is treatable.  You shouldn't wait too long to be seen, however.  If it is something that is progressing, you need to have it addressed right away. To me, it sounds like ulcerative colitis with the cramping and the presence of blood.