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Hello a family member of mine has thyroid cancer and following the first iodine treatment post surgery, it was discovered it had spread to the lungs. I am just wondering if anyone can give some advice as to treatment and re/cusurvival chances. Thank you in advance and god bless.


Hi there, do you know what stage of cancer your family member was diagnosed with? That helps an awful lot to know because different cancer stages have different survival rates. Can you let me know?


Here are some great things to start getting rid of cancer

**Nature's Way Cayenne Pepper Extra Hot capsules Take all as directed on bottles 90,000 HU (heat Units)
**Ginger Root with 5% gingerols
Cod Liver Fish Oil, Flax Seed Oil.
**Turmeric standardized to 95% Curcuminoids.
Vitaman C. Higher than normal levels.
Vitamin B Complex
Enzymes - Megazyme Forte Plus
Citrus Bioflavnoids 1000 mg a day needed to absorb vitamin c.
CoQ10 + Alpha Lipoic Acid + Acetyl L-Carnitine HCl -- 700 mg You can get this at vitacost cheap.
As well as glucopower same place - 4 a day
Occupower get a same place 2 a day.
Apple Cider Vinegar (Braggs) 2 Table spoons and with milk or water.
Yogurt plain with low fruit jam
Quecertin 500 mg.
Greens are good to (barleans or other brand you like)
moderate exercise if you can.

A low glycemic eating program, meaning complex carbs with low starch and sugar. Lots of water and Sunshine. Remember when your body is out of wack it is a whole system not one thing is going to do it. So These are the basic above to support your body overall function. It work in synesgy so these are the necessary things to do that.

You may want to visit this article Cancer is DEAD.

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Good luck to you.


sara30, please show at least some decency not to spam people with cancer, please