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My mom is 82 years old. She has had this tickle in her throat for years. Only its getting worse. We have seen several doctors and have had scans, endioscopy. No one can find out what is causing this itchy throat. the itchy throat makes her have this dry cough. She gets spills and just coughs coughs and coughs. Every time we go to he MD for other things he always takes a look at the throat nothing just very little redness. Just cough cough cough. Nothing seems to help. Has any one ever experience this ?



It is interesting that they cannot find anything that could be causing this problem. She is old, and it can be many things at her age. Did she have any problems with tonsils in her life? Sometimes people with history of smoking could have problems with throat for long time after they quit cigarettes. Was your mother smoker?

What kind of medication is she using? There are lot of medication that have side effects that can affect your mother throat. Try to give her some tea. Chamomile tea or mint tea is good to ease the irritation in the throat. Is there a possibility that air in the house is too dry? Have you considered to use humidifier?