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Hey im 18

I had been touring and couldn't shower and clean myself down there

After I came back home my foreskin became extremely tight and bcoz I hav very dry skin i got cuts on the tip of my foreskin.

I hav been applying cream and retracting and washing the head since then.

But the cuts are reappearing and my foreskin is still very tight. 

I am not sexually active and haven't been masturbating for long time.

I am aware of the fact that i had this problem when i was young but since my teens it never occured again.

What can the issue be?

PLs help


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Can you pull your fpreskin bac at all?  It could be that you have a yeast infection from poor hygein.  Does your penis itch or burn at all?  You may need some steroidal moisturizing cream from a doctor if it's too bad otherwise as long as you are not I firing and retearing it by having sex or masturbating you should be fine.