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I'm 14 and am a virgin. I have a fungal infection and have seen my gp about And been given cream and it is clearing up. A few days before contacting my gp I noticed there was a ring of my foreskin which was tight and had some minor cuts, the problem seems to be getting worse as the tightness and cuts are getting worse. When I pull the foreskin back the ring gets caught behind the glands and the cuts are getting longer and more painful, when urinating there is a very painful burning. Please help


I'm glad you've seen a doctor and are getting the fungal infection under control.

This is best guess from your description...

The fungal infection irritated the skin. Pulling your foreskin back would cause some minor cuts or tears, most so small you may not even notice. Then as the skin heals it tears as it is not as flexible as it usually is, like a scab.

Try to stop pulling the foreskin back so far at least until it heals and be very gentle when cleaning. Once it heals the skin should be as flexible as it always was.

The pain is due to the urine on these open wounds.

Best advice, take it easy for a bit until things heal. Hope it helps.