I'm a diabetic, and over the past few months I haven't taken good care of myself. When there is excess sugar in the urine, it is very easy for that sugar to stay around the foreskin and can make the area very sore. What has happened in the past is I have had small cuts or slits around the foreskin which is both very painful but also makes it hard to retract the foreskin back.

Usually I have applied Bactroban (antibiotic cream) but when I did it in this instance, it caused thrush. The thrush then made the foreskin swell, crack and it has become very tight. 

I have used an over the counter anti-fungal cream to address the thrush - thrush looks like the head of your penis has white cloudy marks on it. 

The thrush appears to have gone away, but my foreskin is still very tight. I am quite nervous about masturbating or engaging in sexual activity - and considering I usually a couple of orgasms a day - I am struggling with the absence of a sexual release. 

I am now using diprosome to 'loosen' up the foreskin (a steroid based cream). I have used this in the past for lichen sclerosus, and it seemed to work to make my foreskin loose in the past.

I am gradually gently stretching my foreskin back - very slowly and if I get resistance, I stop.

Is there anything else I should be thinking or trying? My foreskin usually has some red marks on it - however I think this is a friction mark from masturbating quite frequently. And yes, I do use lubricant.