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Hello. I am 44 years old with a back history dating back to 1979. At the age of 15 I injured my back and ruptured the disc at L5-S1 which required a laminectomy. In 1987 I reinjured my back in the same location resulting in dislodged scar tissue which had to be removed. It was then determined that I had permanent nerve damage which I believe was on the left side. Then in 1992 I was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease and had my third and last back surgery which was a fusion of L5-S1.

Because of the permanent nerve damage I am quite use to the leg pain and tingling. However for about a year now I have had tingling in both legs which for a long time just stayed in both lower legs. Over time though the tingling has intensified so much that it is a major destaction during the day and keeps me from falling asleep for most of the night. Because of the intensity, I treated it as RLS and began taking 1 and a half mgs of Requip. It did not help. Not only did it not help but now the tingling has worked its way up to both upper legs and I now have pain in both upper legs on the insides of both thighs. The pain if worse when Im on either side and my legs are pressed together. Most of the pain will be on the leg that is on top. Now as of a week ago I have noticed that the tingling seems like it has now traveled all the way up to my waste. I feel it in my groin area and my butt. Oh yeah, Sometimes my feet cramp up when the tingling is at its worst.

Is this just another back problem and I need to go to a Neurologist for an MRI, or is it something different? Id like to know where to go first so I can get this quickly and correctly diagnosed.

Thank you


Go to an endocrinologist or get your thyroid TSH levels checked out!!

Its the sort of thing that hits you in your 40s. More comman than I thought. I'm new to this aging thing...but
I had a whole slew of problems starting right around 37 yrs..which included, unexplained weight gain, lower body tingling (constant humming) along with restless leg..terrible agitation at night...joint pain...and bloatedness in ankles...stiff and sore in the mornings...urine usually an amber color..not yellow like the bright smiley face yellow.

Turned out I was hypothyroid..and now potentially hemochromatosis...with an overactive immune system..tested positive for Hashimoto's disease (which in turns explains a lot)..not major disease.. but can give you symptoms which you may pass off as "aging"...but it's should feel relatively decent and normal through out your 30s and 40s..and even up to 60s..if you exercise and eat enough healthy foods.

I went to a few doctors..but the one that was on it..was the endocrinologist. let's face 40..your hormones are just getting out of whack..good to check it.


well i think you should evaluate your back again cause maybe you are sufferring from "failed back syndrome"
This is something which is a consequence of spinal surgeries.
Urgent evaluation is a must cause otherwise u may develop paralysis of both lower limbs too.

MRI would be necessary to see the exact nature of your problem.