Around 1 out of every 6 couples goes from infertility problems which are drastic. I'm one of those couples who is facing this problem. Actually, it's not someone else but we couples are the reason for infertility. We do things that are harmful to pregnancy and that makes us infertile. I'm through an unexplainable fertility problem. No doctor is able to explain it. Improper hormonal changes can also be the reason for infertility. Infrequent menstrual periods can also be the reason for a woman's infertility. One thing which is very important, always have safe sex with your partner. Minimize the use of caffeine or don't take it at all. For every woman, the child is very important. We, women,  are incomplete without children and not having a child is worst. That's why a woman should take care of herself and also some things that can cause infertility. I don't want anyone else to be infertile like me. Having a baby is one of the biggest happiness because it completes the family.