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Hello. I’m 40 year old men.
Recently, while I was shaving I have noticed some strange formations on my tong. Because I have never paid too much attention on my tongue formations I wasn’t sure is this normal condition or cause of some pathologic process.
I looked in some old anatomic atlas to find out more informations and I saw that my lumps on tongue are a bit larger than normal.
What could cause this?
I was wondering could anybody provide me more informations about possible conditions that could cause this.


First I must mention that many people when they saw their tongue for the first time-think that there is something wrong with them.
Normal tongue is covered with taste buds that vary in shape and color.
Taste buds on the tongue can detect only four tastes – sweetness and saltiness at its tip and centre, acidity at the sides and bitterness at the back.
If you checked in atlas and saw that your lump isn’t normally there than you must not ignore a lump on the tongue or an ulcer that doesn’t heal, even if it is painless, because it could be a cancer.
So, you should contact your doctor immediately and perform some testing so you can be sure for good that it is not a cancer.
Surgical removal is often the preferred method of treatment when the tumor is on the visible side of the tongue.
You should not worry at all because the scar is often very small, and after a few days of therapy-you’ll be at your home.