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Hi girls,

is it possible for you to share sugar busters diet simple menu with me? I need something very simple, easy, and quick to prepare. I am pretty busy every day, and I need something that I will be able to make each day, without having so much trouble about it. 

I need to know what can I eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner, can I grab some snacks between my meals? I really hope that you have some good information for me. 

Any day menu plan will be great. 

What do you eat while you are following sugar busters diet?




I believe that this simple plan is about 14 days of "clean" eating all products and groceries that sugar buster diet recommends. When you see this menu, you will probably tell that this is a little food. Maybe it is, but that is the price that you need to pay :)

Here is a simple day meal schedule. 

For breakfast, you can eat one orange, with hot oatmeal made in only water, with no sugar.

For lunch, you need to eat turkey breast sandwich and non-fat swiss cheese. Also, you can eat lettuce and tomato with it. 

Dinner - wheat pasta with sauce, some salad of lettuce, pinenuts, and one sugar of frozen non-fat yogurt with no sugar.

You can grab a snack - a fruit :)

Bon appetit!




like you have heard before, this is very simple menu. You can find online what to eat in these 14 days while you are following sugar busters simple diet. Here is one more suggestion.

Breakfast - eat fruit first, grab an orange. After, eat cheese and tomato omelet. Drink coffee without sweetener or tea, green tea is the best. 

Lunch - Salad, whole - wheat bread, drink tea or water. If you have some diet drink, you can drink it as well.

Dinner - broiled steak, mashed potatoes and glass of water. 

You can eat dessert. but usually it is fruit such as berries. You can grab a snack as well, such as nuts.

Enjoy :)



That Sugar busters sample menu looks good, except the mashed potatoes at dinner. Potatoes are a high glycemic carb, a better option would've been a broiled steak with brocolli or green beans or spinach, or some brown rice. The menu looked great though. It's ok to have a little slip up here or there though, nothing has to be 100% perfect. As long as you stay on your diet religiously 90% of the time, you're good.


Mashed potatoes? don't think so.