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im aged 46 female, tonisils out four days ago, yesterday back in ER because my eyes turned yellow and were bloodshot - had a fever and high blood pressure, bloodwork came back ok tho, they reckon the yellow was a result of bruising from burst blood vessels, liver was ok. Got a steroid shot, sure helped with the tongue swelling going down and made it easeir to get the liquids down, but steroid wearing off. Constantly feel something stuck in my throat, perhaps the scabs are starting to mobilize??


Hi, that was some situation you got there. It’s a good thing that you went to ER immediately. This could’ve gone the wrong way. How swollen is your tongue? You are have extreme complications from the surgery. People usually experience pain and some swelling but I think that this is too much. Are you on any pain killers? You need to have enough of water; it will help the healing process. The scabs can also provoke this, but that yellow eye is still bugging me. I don’t know how could you get that after the tonsil surgery?! Did they gave you anything to lower your blood pressure? Don’t eat anything hard, try to be on soup for few days.