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I have had a sore throat two weeks ago which settled down after 4 days. However, i had another sore throat 4 days ago but i have never had one like this. My tonsils are swollen, especially the one. That one also has some sort of reddish growth on it. My glands are extremely swollen and it is very painful. It is especially uncomfortable to swallow. I barely slept last night because it's so painful and difficult to breathe and swallow after not drinking for a couple of hours.

I'm not sure if i have something wrong with my tonsils or glands - can anyone help???!!

Oh and my voice hasnt really been affected, it just feels like i've swallowed marbles!!


oh i have the same thing! my tonsils feel swollen & it just happened out of nowhere!!! i jus woke up & my throat was hurting & then i noticed in the mirror, inside of my throat there was this white stuff around my throat & a red bump. it hurts so much to eat & swallow. i feel like crying bc it hurts so much :'(