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Hello I have a few questions about swollen tonsils.

Well I talked to a person with swollen tonsils then the next morning i woke up i had a swore throat and a headache. i twas painful to eat, talk and swallow. When i got home my mother checked my throat cause i told what was wrong.She then noticed that my tonsils where larger that they where supposed to be. I was wondering what to do about it since how painful it was it hurts so bad that i cant talk when i have to say something i write it down instead of going threw the pain i have been drinking warm water to help and to sooth my throat. I cant swallow it hurts to bad.

So what do I do? :|


Hi Maddy,

The thing is that you might caught some virus from that person you talked to. It is hard to know this for sure. The thing that is concerning me now is your pain. If it is that hard that you even can’t talk you need to see a doctor immediately. Headaches are probably caused by the pain in your throat. They are just a reaction and they will go away when your problem is gone. Unfortunately you might need a surgery to remove your tonsils. How old are you? Have you had any previous problems with tonsils?

Have your tried eating some ice cream? Many people find ice cream very helpful with sore throat.


I hope that this was helpful