My left tonsil is swollen and hurts when I swallow so I looked in the mirror with a flash light and i t looks like a pink and white cauliflowe. So I tried to get the white sruff off with a cotton bud, but it felt weird and I didn't want it to bleed, but it left a reddish stuff on it. I thought it ,ight be tonsilitis but then I started reading about tonsils stones and I have the symptoms for it but I've never had one before.
My right tonsil is the sames size but not covered in white c**p, but it has a red line across it that looks like a cut and I hav no idea how it got there. My breath also smells.
And I also have pinkish red bumps right up the back on my toungue, it doesn't hurt but they look like swollen tastebuds.
Ps. Does a tonsil stone feel like you have a huge gob of flem stuck in your throat that just won't go down? And then it gets all cold from your breathing so you can feel it in your throat?