So... I'm 24. Female obviously. A month ago, i was having some alone time and felt this weird tug, so I felt around inside and found a hole where there shouldn't be one! When I'm turned on, its big enough to stick a finger thru. When not in the mood, I can't find it to save my life. So naturally, I stopped getting off for a few weeks in hopes that it would heal. Unfortunately tonight, the boyfriend and I were getting busy with fingers in places, and all of a sudden I got the same uncomfortable feeling that led me to finding the tear originally. He and I can talk about anything in our sex life after 5 years, so naturally I asked him if he had felt any rips etc while fingering me, and he said yes. Its not unbearable pain to an extent where I can't sit or wear pants, and its not visible without spreading my labia and digging for it, but it is uncomfortable and kills the mood when something gets momentarily caught in it during sexy time. TL;DR hole in inner lips, irritating as all get out, how did it happen and why won't it go away?