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I was shopping for new shoes yesterday and found a pair of trail shoes I liked. But I never run trails so I didn't buy them. Would it make a difference if I wore trail shoes on the treadmill and track?


I bought Vasque trail shoes for a great price at REI Outlet (but the shoes are pretty ugly, go figure). Anyway, when we have a decent amount of snow and ice under the snow (uneven ice) it seems like I'm on a trail, so I wear them. They do offer more stability and protect the bottom of my feet, but they are no where near as comfortable as my Saucony Grid Shadows.

Personally, I wouldn't want to wear trail shoes on a tread. I find the tread already to be such a repetitive and unnatural way to workout that I would want to be in comfortable running shoes.

Unless you have a 3 year old with a long ruler (Juliet jammed a ruler into the side of the tread conveyor the last time I worked out on one at my mom's over Chirstmas...what a ride...what a guy, my hubby, who was supposed to be watching her), you probably won't encounter many trip hazzards on the tread.

If you plan on doing any trail running, I'd recommend trail tennies