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Hello - I must first confess that I'm not a runner - but please read on. (':D') I thought since I will be running in the future and I ran in the past, that folks here might be able to help with what I think is an equipment problem.

I've lost about 25lbs since January and have about 40 more to go, so I'm in no way a waif. Because running on the tredmill is too hard on me at this time, I use the eliptical and it's been a great sucess. However, as much as I try and use my entire foot I end up primarly on the balls of my feet. As such, I'm developing pain in them.

I usually work out for about 45 min and manage about 4-5 miles. About mid-way though, the pain will start. It's never been so bad that I've stopped working out, but I do frequently have very stiff toes and feet afterwardrs and when I try and stretch them (point and flex), I get pretty nasty cramps that actually keep my toes in a pointed position. I can see the muscles relaxing and my toes going to a normal position.

I'm currently wearing New Balence shoes size 8.5. I have wide feet and while these shoes are not specifically made for wide feet, they felt the best on. When not working out, I usually wear an 8 - 8.5. I wear thin cotton socks and have no issues with them.

When I purchased the shoes, they felt comfy. Now, i'ts like there is not enough padding in the balls of the shoe. I tried inserting a Dr. Schoells gell pad for extra padding but it really didn't help. I spent more time trying to figure out where in my shoe to put them then actually getting relief.

I don't notice pain any other time I wear shoes. Any thoughts?


Asics? They seem to have solved my problems.


#1: Go to a running specialty store and get fitted. The shoes may be just fine for most people, but not necessarily for you. There is no perfect shoe, just the perfect shoe for you.

#2: Without knowing your running history, it is possible you are trying to do too much too soon.

#3: I don't know squat about an elliptical. Have you considered running outside on trails? Keep the mileage low then build