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:'( I have been trying to get pregnant for i believe 6 months, and i havent yet. I just figured out the ovulation date thing and calculated it this past month after my menstual cycle. There is no sign of it yet and i am pretty much on time every month, about exactly 28 days apart. Well i was recently told that my ovaries are uneven and that i am not ovulating correctly which means that since they are "uneven" i am not able to get pregnant unless i take some fertility pills.
Is that true about the whole "uneven ovaries"?

I am so upset that i am not pregnant. My fiance and I are so anxious and are will to almost try anything to get pregnant (that is safe!)



hi i was in the same boat as you but i was trying for a year and a half me and my husband couldnt understand because we are both young am 20 and he is 21 so it wasnt the age doctors said are fitility was fine but we just couldnt get pregnant so i stoped smoking and no more drinking and it is said that the fella on top is betta to concive also to take are mind of having sex to concive we made sex fun also goin away together for the weekend is gud gets rid of any stress even if u dontthink you have any and just 3 mon ths after i tryed this i found out i was 5 weeks preg dont let it all get on top of you enjoy your time trying make it an experience gud luk to you ...