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I was on the pill but we have decided to try and get pregnant. Before I went on the pill and during the use of the pill my periods were like clock work. I have been off the pill since December 05 and my periods are so irregular i am having trouble figuring out when is the best time for me to get pregnant. My last period was Feb 10 and lasted 13 days, the one before that was December 24 and it lasted 11 days. What should I be doing to get it regulated with out going on the pill, and what is the best way to figure out when I am ovulating?

Thanks for your help!


I am in the same boat. I was on depo for 9 years and then the pill for 2. I have been off all birth control since Sept 09 and have been trying to get prego since Feb this year. Only problem is since I got off the birth control my periods have been totally unpredictable! I have gone to the Dr. and they informed me all levels look good...but when I take at home ovulation tests they read all over the place.
It is almost impossible to know when I should REALLY be trying. My only solution is to just do it all the time (which my husband and myself have no issues with) I am just frustrated bc I spent so many years trying to avoid this, and now that I'm ready it's not happening.
I think I have even tricked myself into symptoms bc I want this so much.