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I had my IUD removed 6/28. I have PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) and I am taking Glucophage. we tried to conceive right after I had the IUD removed and I got my period 7/7. which brings a lot of emotions. I know that it takes time but with my 4 year old son we got pregnant easy. I am fairly young and I am heavier this time trying to conceive ( i am working on loosing weight). I am worried that it wont happen and stressed as well. Does anyone have any advice on what we can do and if Glucophage works to help with conception. How long should it take for a young person to conceive? I am a wreck!!

Thank you for your help and advice!


I'm trying to get pregnant also and I was told that you should wait 3-4 days between intercourse because it makes a larger sperm count. I hope that helps and good luck.