I had my Mirena (IUD) removed on the 3rd of December. I started bleeding the next day (the 4th) & that lasted until about the 7th. My husband & I have been having intercourse since we are trying to conceive. Now, on the 12 I started what seemed like spotting, I could only notice it after I wiped, never did it go through to my underwear. Then, on the 14th or so it started a little heavier but, nothing like a period but, it was indeed a little more noticeable but, still at that didn't go through my underwear. Then, just yesterday (the 16th) it stopped. What could this be? I'm a little nervous. I know it's a little too early to know if I'm pregnant but, would this all be because my body is trying to get back to normal from the IUD or could I be pregnant since I've been told "People are very fertile after IUD removal." ??