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I was wondering if i could be pregnant or if there is something more serious wrong with me. Here's what has been going on.
december was a normal and uneventful period, but in january i had spotting about a week before my normal period so january's was a normal period but i don't know why i spotted. Now it's the end of February and i haven't had a period at all and about a week ago i started spotting again off and on. On Feb 27th 2010 i started having lower abdominal pains on the right side. I had those pains with my second child but i had already had a positive pregnancy test. What my question is is even though i've had two tests come out negative, is it possible that i'm having the spotting and abdominal pains because i'm pregnant?


In this situation, with a missed period, am I pregnant is the next logical question. If you are pregnant, however, you should have had positive pregnancy tests. I vote "see your doctor", because unexplained vaginal bleeding between periods, when you are not pregnant, can be quite concerning. It can be a sign of hormonal problems, polyps, etc, and it is definitely important to get more serious causes ruled out. If, God forbid, it's something like cancer (unlikely but possible), the sooner you know, the better your outcome will be. If it's nothing serious, seeing a doctor will also help you quit worrying.