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Hi, I am an 17 year old uncircumcised male.I first discovered the need to roll back my foreskin on this site after wondering what the white liquid substance was that kept coming out of my foreskin while masturbation.Ever since, I have learned to slowly retract my foreskin and am able to do so in the shower. There is still a sensitivity to it,Penile pearly papules, and unwashed smegma near my frenulum breve (have been too afraid to wash it)As I get older, I know I will take part in sexual intercourse and the urgency to be able to roll back my foreskin while erect is troubling me. What do I need to do, in order to be able to stretch my foreskin when it is erect.Are stretching exercises enough?Should I change the ways I masturbate. I have always masturbated with my foreskin covered  


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You apparently have read around the forum so you must have seen our posts about HOW to stretch your foreskin. Just keep working on it, it takes time.

You can masturbate whichever way you like best. I found that doing it in ways that stretch the foreskin help to keep it stretched and easily moveable. I hold mine back tight and caress the whole bare head and inner foreskin that is stretched down the shaft. I happen to like it that way.

Just keep on stretching it back and washing it and you will get the results you want. Rolling it back and forth while masturbating will help to loosen it.