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how can i tell if i have arthritis


Hi hon: There are MANY different types of arthritis. So I will tell you the BASIC indicators of it OK? This wont cover all of them of course.

Swollen Joints - hands, fingers, wrists, elbows, shoulders, hips, knees, ankles, sometimes ribs and neck!

Stiff Joints - as above

Warm Joints - as above

Pain in the above joints, ESPECIALLY when the weather is cold or damp.

I hope these symptoms can help you decide if you have arthritis. A good way of telling is to have an xray. Any doctor can tell just be assessing your movement. But the best one to see is a Rheumatologist. For the time being, you can take Ibuprofen - less harmful to your joints. And you can put ice packs when their hot and warm water when they are stiff.

Also swimming and hydrotherapy is the BEST way too deal with any bone disorder, as there is no pressure on your joints. Good luck and health hon!