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Ok, I have had Ultrasound, Hida Scan, CAT scan w Contrast, and Colonoscopy and EDG. I have terrible Gerd with Gall Bladder Symptoms but everything is reported Normal. When I had my Hida Scan 2 weeks ago the Gall Bladder had to be stimulated to contract. A 1 hour test turned into a 3 hour test. Still they say it was "Normal". I have days where I feel No Energy and can barely get out of bed. I have pain in my back and terrible headaches. I have blurred vision at times, and I am sick of being sent from doctor to doctor only to get nothing. At the end of the week I will have a 2nd colonoscopy and EDG within 6 months. What happened to the days when a doctor would admit you and "Run Tests" to discover the problem? I am not having this pain for nothing and I fear it will be too lat by the time I get an answer. Help! Anyone have an answer, an idea, or a suggestion. I am terrified David H


Do you experience pain after eating that develops with 30 minutes to 3 hours and can sometimes last for several hours?

Without more info, this sounds like it could be Sphinter of Oddi dysfunction. Normally gall bladder disease, ulcers, and parasitic infections are ruled out first as SOD is a rarer issue. That said, SOD isn't generally associated with a lack of energy, but if you haven't been eating much, been on pain medications, etc., that could be explained.

I would talk to your gastroenterologist about an ERCP with manometry if he/she can perform it. Many GI docs do not own this equipment or perform the procedure. He/she should however be aware of the issue and know doctors who are.

The treatment for sod is usually performed when testing for it. A procedure called a sphincterotomy is done and involves cutting/widening the sphincter to relieve pressure that builds up and causes your pain.