I am a 16 year old male who suffers from spherocytosis. I had my gall bladder removed December 7, 2006. After 5 weeks of hospitalizations with no clues as to what was causing severe pain in my upper right quadrant and weight loss of 23 lbs. a hida scan showed that my gall bladder was not draining and was functioning at only 4%. The gall bladder was removed laproscopically and I felt immediate relief within the first weeks after the operation.

Now after six months, I am suddenly experiencing severe pain in the same spot. The pain is just as bad as it was before the gall bladder was removed. I dont think it is possible that stones in the bile ducts have formed already but is it possible that the operative clamps have ripped or that there is a bile leak. I have not gone to any doctor yet but this is my second day straight with this pain. (unlike before when i suffered from gall bladder "attacks")