This is so embarrassing but I need help on who may be my baby's father before my baby boy arrives January 24, 2015. Okay I had met my partner last year in December 2013. We started messing around December 26 and then again December 28 and didn't use protection but on new years I messed around with this guy name terrell he used protection. Then January 19 me and my partner got involved again & we didn't use protection. I didn't get involved with anybody in February. But march 2 I messed with this guy name craig, he says he didn't use protection he was just that one night only. So me and my partner got involved again march 9 and didn't use no protection. Then April 5th me and terrel messed around but he used protection once again. Then April 27 me and my partner messed around again without protection that's when I stopped having periods and conceived may 3rd and my due date is January 25th 2015. My last period was April 19 and went off the 23rd. Please help me figure out who may be my baby's father! This is a lesson learned.