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Recently, I've been experiencing rectal discharge. It varies in consistency from thick/jelly-like to cloudy and thin and only occurs after bowel movements. I experience occasional stomach upset due to my lactose intolerance and the fact that IBS runs in my family, but the discharge appears to be a somewhat recent development. I maintain a healthy diet, complete with daily supplements (multivitamin, omega 3, and odorless garlic). The discharge doesn't appear to be accompanied by any other symptoms. I am not a pet owner and watch what I eat, so I doubt parasites are to blame. 
I am a college student, so I can be overly stressed at times and consume large amounts of caffeine, if that means anything. I've never engaged in anal intercourse and have consistently tested clean for STDs. 

I am prone to vaginal infections (vaginosis/yeast), so I suspect that an infection may have been transferred back to my rectal area when wiping, but I am not sure. Unfortunately, I am without insurance, so I thought I'd come here before seeing a medical professional. Any thoughts on what this might be? 

As an additional it true that drinking lots of coffee can cause urine to smell more pungent? Just wondering.

Thanks for all of your help! 


Yes, I believe that your unusual rectal discharge is from vaginal infections. You have to be very careful when wiping your genitals because anything can be transferred from one to another.