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ok, so i finally went to my doctor to see if i had IBS or something
i had a blood test done and i'm getting a sonogram done later in the week to see if my ovaries are ok

however, i haven't had my period yet for the first time ever, i'm 4 days late in counting which hasn't happened for months since the whole possible IBS thing started up
i thought it was because i was underweight but after i shower, i dry between my legs and i just grabbed a random towel, not thinking about it
my mum's partner is about 45 (and very very fit. he's a personal trainer) and i wouldn't put it past him to maybe masterbate or something, especially since my mum (who has broken ribs and collar bone) can't exactly put out for him. he's not exactly hygenic so i wouldn't put it past him to not wash his hands properly and then dry them on a towel

just say i used that towel, about a week or two ago, what would be the chances of my getting pregnant from it?
i'm 17 so you can see that it's a problem and i'm also a virgin which would be very hard to beleive otherwise and i am so not ready for a baby
normally i wouldn't worry about this thing but i still haven't had my period and apparently some of the symptoms i told my doctor yesterday were pregnancy ones

so what are the chances of me bring pregnant and how early can it be detected in a sonogram or in a blood test? the sonogram is scheduled for two days from now and the blood test was taken yesterday. i already googled this but they kept talking about ovulation and i have no idea what that actually is

thanks so reading and please reply!!


It's not possible. If a man came on a towel, the sperm would only last an hour before they start to die. Even if you rubbed yourself with that towel , in the exact same spot, it wouldn't go deep enough to consider a pregnancy a risk.


phew...that's a releif
thanks so much!