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Okay. I'm really worried that I have herpes. My bf recently had sex with me and I just found out he cheated and I've been having problems down there every since. The first symptom was general pain. My whole vagina was throbbing from the inside out.i couldnt sit for a week. It hurt like hell to pee. It didnt necessarily burn, the muscles that I used to release my urine just hurt like hell when I had to use the bathroom. Then it began to sting when I wiped myself. I looked down there and noticed two small blisters. They don't itch or anything they just sting to the touch And feel very uncomfortable.the blisters are located on the inside flap idk I think it's my labia majora. Also my entire genital areal turned into a crusty scab and it burns and feels really irritated if I touch it or try to put any cream on it. It looks as if i have psoriasis all over my vagina and anal area. The blister isn't crusty but the crusty part of my vagina is in a totally different place. I also have swollen lymph nodes down there, under my armpits and on my chin. Does anyone know what this could be???? I go to the doctor Wednesday but I'm extremely impatient at this point!


Could be a severe yeast infection...see your Dr...lose the BF.  Don't have sex till it's safe to do so, your life is more important than an orgasm or pleasing some jerk.  Good luck!