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Three days ago I have this questionable bump on top of my vagina near the pubic hairs and it hurts when I try to put pressure on it and I try to squeeze it. It is hard to tell what it looks like but as I squeeze it there was no sign of pus and I rubbed antibiotic ointment and cortizone on it so I can't tell if there is clear liquid comes out of it. i feel that spot surroundes by it feel a bit irritated and when it was touched it seems to irritate even more. I tried to get a better look by stretching it however that might caused the irritation because of the hairs being pulled. I was searching online to what it may be but few would say it was ingrown hair. I don't see any hairs on it and or pus. I changed my oimtment to aloe vesta with setting a hot cloth on and it did ease down the irritation and pain a little bit. there were no cluster of it and it did change a bit. it is so miniscule that I can't tell if it is a sore or not. I wiped it with alchohol wipe and it burns like heck. It is a single thing and it didn't spread anywhere else. Now it has been the 4th day and I think it healed a little but now stings a bit when I mess around with it. It is all dried up and sort of like a scab but there is a white color to it. I am scared because if it were a ingrown hair, there would be hair in it. I haven't had sex with my boyfriend for 7 months and I only had unprotected penetration once. I may suspect that it is herpes but I hope and pray it's not. I don't shave and I waxed at the groin pelvic area one time. I need an expert to help me out in here. Does anyone have this problem? is it possible that you could have herpes by one solitary bump or sore? Does herpes needed to grow more within a week or can it stay into one single sore? What else could it be? I have no other symptoms such as fever or pain in urination. I only feel burning sting if I put alchohol. Please answer all of the questions or better yet tell my your own experience similar to this. thank you.


Go get it checked by your DR it could be a cyst ot HPV warts.