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Little over a year ago I had an TLAVH and Ophorectomy. I take 1 mg of oral estrogen daily -weigh 115 lbs., 5' 2 1/2 " tall. 43 years old. I feel so much better but my tummy stays bloated and hard-it protrudes from my belly button down. I have always had a flat stomach and no stretch marks even after 2 kids. Sometimes it feels like there is a cell phone set on vibrate inside me going off to the left or right of where my uterus and ovaries once were. My concern is that when I have gas it often escapes from my vagina at the same time as my rectum. This is not due to sex. How can this be and what if anything should I do about it?


I have the same problem with vaginal flatulance since my endometrial ablation surgery, aka NovaSure.

I'm desperately searching for a way to fix this problem, as it is extremely embarrassing and is not only occuring after or during sex. I could just be standing at work talking to someone and it happens. If you find any answers I would greatly appreciate it if you shared them with me!

Thank you!