HI, I am 53 year old woman that had a Novasure Ablation 5 years ago.  Recently I had a pelvic ultrasound because of pain and cramping that has been going on for almost a year now.   The ultrasound came back that I have a fluid build up in my uterus, along with a strange thickening of the wall which the Radiologist is calling possible Endometrial Cancer.   This procedure is turning out to be a nightmare for me!!  Does anyone know if a Novasure Ablation can cause cancer?  My Doctor told me that a Novasure Ablation can appear this way to a Radiologist and I should not worry.   I told her that the Radiologist asked me if I had an Ablation while the Ultrasound was going on, and I said "YES".   My Doctor gave me 2 options, none of which are taking away my pain.   Painful surgical biopsy and removal of fluid or wait for another ultrasound in like 2 months.   Or one of my options is find a new Doctor.  Advice please??