Hello, I am 34 year mom of 2, 13 and 9.  In April of 2008, I had the Novasure Endometrial Ablation, so next month it will have been 5 years since I have had a period.  In January I had one day of cramping, in February 2 days of cramping, I just assumed things were going to start happening again.  This has yet to be the case.  

Besides the cramping, for the last month I am getting up in the middle of the night to urinate, which hasn't happened before, I have had ice cream craving, and have gained 4lbs in one week.  Also, I was up most of the night with heartburn and indigestion which were very common with my first 2 pregnancies.  What really seem to throw me off guard was that as I was laying in bed I had a tightness in my lower pelvic area that I remember feeling once I started showing.

Has this happened to anyone else, does it sound as though I maybe pregnant?  With my other two I was still having periods and were able to tell, but without having one for so long, I'm not sure what to think.

Any help would be appreciated.


Thanks L