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I have sort of been finding out how to become a vegetarian for tow days ,but the word vegan keeps popping up.Well so far no meat but I dont want to regret my desicion ,am Igonna have health problems after this?OOOOH before I forget ,what is a vagan anyway? 8-|



If you follow a proper vegetarian or vegan diet you should be fine.  You can think of a vegan as an extreme vegetarian.  Simply put a vegetarian eats anything that's not meat but will eat eggs.  Vegans don't eat eggs.  Although, I have convinced a few to do so because they definitely were not getting enough protein.  In fact they were emaciated.  The leached minerals and protein out of their bones and skeletal muscle.  The reason for this is that they have not followed a proper diet.  They ate entirely to much fruit and began running their metabolism off of fructose.  We evolved primarily to use glucose as our energy source to make ATP.