After suffering half a dozen episodes of biliary colic over the last 15 years, I had my gall bladder removed 12 months ago.
Over those years I had many LFTs and saw a steady rise in GGT (excepting huge spikes during biliary colic at 700+) from 30 thru 100 to a value of around 240 over the last 4 years.
But my GGT is still elevated after gall bladder removal. I drank beer in the order of 20 units/week but last 4 years this has been more like 15 units, and around 5 units /week over the last 6 months. 8 weeks ago I had an episode of fever/shivers, one previous episode 8 years ago. ER suggested I stop alcohol for good, saying my heavy intake was the cause. Zero alcohol for over 4 weeks the further LFTs, but GGT is 261.
Other one offs in my medical history: Cellulitis 3 months after first episode of biliary colic. Dysentry 12 years ago during a trip to South Africa.
Is my liver permanently damaged? And why the regular headaches?
What else besides the standard reply of 'alcohol' could cause a permanently high GGT?