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Hello all, I was so pleased with my 1st HbA1c cause I've gone on a low-carb diet. My reading was 6.1 and that's as low as it as been in a long time. I'm in my late twenties and I've type 1 since I've been 12 years old. I had great difficulty with sugar swings. It was pretty much a roller coaster ride. After reading a number of forum topics I finally realized I was eating the wrong foods. I really feel like I have control now. Anyone else out that there finally got to the right diet and getting good HbA1c readings? I'd like to hear your story.



Hi, Yeah I found a good low carb diet for me some time ago and it made all the difference. I try to keep my self within the 3o to 40 carb range but sometimes I get to 50 grams per day and that seems to really work well. I happen to like eggs and their great for low carb. I always felt guilty about eating eggs all the time but you know they really do get a bad rap. So, I usually have a carb free breakfast by having medium boiled eggs, scrambled or an omelete. I like cheese and mushrooms and sometimes I have some sausage with that. That leaves me with say 40 carbs for the rest of the day which is pretty easy. Quite often I have half an avocado (the little ones) with a seafood or chicken salad atop a few baby spinach leaves or spring mix. I like to have a few chunks of cheese with that. Honestly, they is about 12 to 15 carbs and it's delicious. For the evening meal I have veggies like asparagus, green beans, broccoli and sometimes a steamed artichoke (½) along with some fish, shrimp or perhaps some pork. It's really easy to stay within the carb limit and I feel great physically and great mentally. I'm feel I'm really in control.