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I have had depression since 1999. I haven't found any medication that has helped me yet. I have no energy at all, and I have a hard time sleeping at night. I can sleep all day with no problem. Is there anything that you can reccomend? I take b-12 500 mcg every day but nothing seems to help. I have 4 kids which I can't even spend time with because I am so tired or frustrated. I need help.


I have been through the same situation, after my father died, so here is how I got through it:

1. If you use coffee, brown soda pop, tobacco, liquor or other stimulants, try to cut down slowly, so as not to have a withdrawal effect.
Refrain from drinking coffee or brown soda pop in the afternoon or evening.

2a. Return to a normal sleeping pattern by staying awake 1 hour later, waking one hour later. Repeat this, at your own pace, until you go to sleep at the same hour as the rest of your household. To help you stay on course, take a 1,000 mg gelcap of Evening Primrose Oil just before bedtime. Perfect sleep-aid supplement with no side effects, it's great against nightmares, believe me! Being a supplement and not a drug, it takes two to three nights for your system to process it; be patient.

2b. Check to see if your bedroom is too bright, at night. Is there a night-lite shining too close to your bed, or do you have a street-lamp next to your bedroom window? Some extra dark drapes might be in order or moving away that night-lite might help.

2c. Are there sudden noises, in your home, like the fridge or the furnace, turning on, or do you live on a busy street, even at night? An inexpensive solution might be some ear plugs. A word to the wise: use BELL SHAPED earplugs. They are more comfortable and block out sound much better.

3. Get some sun, in the daytime! Start with something simple: go out for walks, just for the fun of it. Even if it is cloudy, go out anyway. Find some reason to go out every day. Go to the park to walk the dog, or cat -some breeds like being walked on a leash! Go buy milk by the quart, buy half-dozen eggs, go to the convenience store to get the daily newspaper instead of having it delivered, any little thing will help.

4. Eat more fruits and vegetables and less red meat. Invent, or look for, new recipes to refresh your eating habits. Cut out the fried and fatty foods. If you really can't, make your own from scratch instead of buying them ready-made, which also ends up costing more . This is especially true for chips, snack cakes, cookies, fried chicken and French Fries. Home made food is always healthier than store bought.

5. Instead of taking just the vitamin B Complex, take a multi-vitamin that's appropriate for you; there are some for every age group, these days. Take it in the morning, with a tall glass of cool, freshly drawn, water, so as to wake up and cleanse your body.

6. Spend at least 1 hour a day with your family in a mind-rewarding activity: a pleasant discussion around the dinner table, a family oriented occupation or project, like a board game, a family quilt, putting together a Family Photo Album or going on a short after-dinner walk like a "Trip Around the World", an expression to mean a walk around your block of houses without stepping off the sidewalk.

7. Lastly, if you feel up to it, exercise in a fun way: dance the Hula for 10 minutes, do some Tai Chi from a book or website, with Zen music in the background, or just put on your favourite music and move around to the beat.

These are all easy to do and can save your life. I know, I was the King of Laziness before I started. Now I feel 20 years younger than my physical age of 55!