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I am a diabetic. I have had it for many years.  I was looking on the internet and saw an article on vitamin C helping with diabetes.  It said if you took 2000 mg a day,you can control your blood sugars and make them go down.  Has anyone else heard of this?


Hello, Guest!  I have researched the matter on the Internet to see if I could find any reputable sources about whether vitamin C would reduce blood glucose levels.  I have found none so far.  There are many articles saying that vitamin C in larger doses can reduce glucose; others say that vitamin C raises blood glucose.  There isn't any studies that support either argument.  You will have to rely on diet and exercise to control your blood sugar, watching your carbohydrate intake and keeping an eye on your blood glucose readings.  This is the best approach for your body.  After years of abuse on the body, a diabetic has to reduce the carbohydrates in their diet to regulate the amount of glucose in their blood.  Exercise helps by burning off some of the excess glucose that could be floating around. 

Since many diabetics are overweight, reducing their weight will help insulin resistance, something vitamins just can't do.  Taking vitamin C isn't a bad idea if you are lacking the nutrient in your diet, and you cannot meet the need by diet alone.  But if you can incorporate citrus fruit into your diet, like grapefruit or oranges, it is better to get you vitamin C this way.  The more you can get your vitamins from real food, the better.  However, a multivitamin will help meet your nutrient needs if you miss something in your regular meals.

Has anyone tried taking vitamin C for their diabetes?  What was the result from doing so?