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i normally have regular periods, but the past two times i've started exactly two weeks early. and this time, i'm bleeding ALOT. when i say alot, i mean i have to change my tampon everytime i use the restroom, and i'm overflowing the SUPER PLUS tampons. i have lots of choppy clots and it's very thick. i have no idea whats going on. a friend of mine, mentioned something about miscarriage. i really have no idea if that's even possible. if anyone could give me an idea of whats going on, i'd really appriciate it. thanks!


If this is not normal for you then it could be a sign of miscarriage. You do clot when miscarrying, and I know that my first period after my miscarriage was very clotty and heavy as well.

Actually after your period is over if you want you could take an HPT because its possible your hormones wont go down. (It usually takes weeks after miscarriages) A test will still detect the hormones. Or you could go to the doctor.