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I was expecting my period on the 21st of this month but it happened to arrive today.. i was very stressed as i was 9 days late! so i decided to take a test the second day of my missed period and it had a very faint positive line so i took another 2 after a couple of days, of which both said negative! today when i came on, my period turned out a brown colour and is definetly heavier than usual... i had all the symptoms of a pregnancy, which have suddenly gone away except for the hot flushes :

*missed period
*raised body temperature
*unbereable chest pain and
*feeling bloated
*strong cravings
*frequent urinating

So im kind of worried now and wondering if i've had a miscarriage.. and if yes, does it affect my fertility in later life in any way?

I would really appriaciate it if someone could help me clear up the mess inside my head. %-)


Hi N3fer7iti,

From what I understand, it is not possible to get a positive result, no matter how faint, without HCG in your system. It is really important that you go see your doctor because if it was a miscarriage you need to make sure it was complete so that you don't get an infection.

Now here comes a lot of info for you in case it is a miscarriage: I am trying to work through a miscarriage right now (it's been just over 2 weeks and is still in process) and I have learned a lot about it, like about 1 in 4 confirmed pregnancies end in a miscarriage, and more like 30-50% of conceptions are lost. We don't seem to learn just how normal it is until it happens! There are many reasons for it (see and none of them are your fault.

Now I am finding out that most of the women I know who have healthy kids had at least one miscarriage. you should be able to conceive, it can take a long time or happen right away, and as different as it may be from woman to woman, it can all be totally normal! if you have more than one miscarriage the doctors might offer you some tests, but a lot of women i know had one then went on to have a normal pregnancy. one woman i know had one kid, three miscarriages and then two kids.

So I wouldn't worry about your fertility unless you have a history of genetic disease (ie down's syndrome etc) in your family. I would just worry about your health and get in to see a doctor to make sure everything is fine. And if it is a miscarriage take some time to heal. You might feel like you are going to be fine and it's no big deal but it really is a very intense and personal experience of loss no matter what stage your pregnancy is at. My biggest regret is going to work after only 3 days off ... the hormone crash (i.e. constantly on the verge of tears for no apparent reason - way worse than during pregnancy) combined with the natural need to grieve no matter what stage the pregnancy is at make it hard to be around people you don't know really well and who might not be supportive. What I'm learning is that many women take from 2-4 weeks off of work.

Hope my answer was not too long but I really feel for anyone going through what I'm going through and I got terrible advice from the doctors about when to go back to work and went back way too soon and played it tough but couldn't cope so I hope I can be of some help to other women with the same unanswered questions I had.


Hello I just read this post and I hope that you were able to concieve x