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Hello, I'm just another 15 year old girl freaking out about the possibilities of getting pregnant from maybe having sperm on my hands. Today, I met up with my boyfriend and we had a bit of 'fun'. We didn't have sex but I gave him a ha****b and he ejactulated. After this, I got some tissues and wiped my hands. Maybe 20-30 minutes later we were getting rather close again, one thing led to another, and I started to rub round my clitoris. Within a few seconds (like 10-30 max. I think) my boyfriend reminded me that we haddn't washed our hands after I gave him the ha****b which caused me to stop and started me worrying. I went to the bathroom with him to wash my hands with soap and then wipe where I had just been touching myself. My main reasons for concern are that I'm not sure about the time gap between the two events and I'm not fully sure whether I did touch myself lower down. I was also rather wet at the time even round my clitoris. I am pretty sure however that my hand and fingers were dry.

This isn't the first time I've gotten worried about getting pregnant from something like this, and I do suffer from anxiety which is why I often over worry about things like this. Part of me thinks I'm just over worrying again but the fact that this time the time gap could have been smaller and I did have some sperm on my hands earlier is getting me concerned. Please help!

Just to note, my period came this month on the 21st and lasted till the 27th (the last two days of which I just had a small amount of drown deposit) and this has been the first normal period I have had for months like last time I had any discharge was on the 17th or November till the 20th and that was only brown and about a week or so before that I had been having non stop brown discharge for almost 2 months. Basically, I don't really know how my menstrual cycle is working at the moment and the doctor believes it's just to do with my first 3 years of getting periods you know, getting used to it.


Just thought I'd add that I'm a virgin (believe it or not lol) and my boyfriend doesn't feel worried in any way and is pretty sure I'll be fine due to occurrances like this turning out fine before.

Again, sorry for another post like this being published onto the Internet. Having worried in the past I know to the full extent how many questions out there are like this and up till this point, most questions I've wanted to know have already been answered but this time I didn't find one close enough to what I wanted to ask so yea here I am lol thanks in advance again!