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I'm a 16 year old girl and a month ago (4 weeks today) at a party I was fooling around with a boy and tossed him off. He didn't cum but I got precum on my hands and didn't wash them before doing my body suit up. Could there be a chance of me getting pregnant from the pre cum going from my hands onto my underwear and through to my vagina? I finished my period about 3 days before this happened. I'm now 4 days late for my period and I am a little bloated but it doesn't seem to be going away. I know it sounds like such a pathetic question but i'm such a worrier and this is really starting to make me nervous! Please could somebody tell me if this is impossible or what I should do?


There seems no chance that any sperm in his pre-cum could have got through your underwear. Sperm have to swim - they can't walk. 3 days after your period would not usually be a fertile time if you have a typical 5-day period and 28 day cycle. Your stress may well have caused the delay in your next period.